The structure of things

The User Base
Bon-App focuses on a certain user base. This user base is determined by factors which are visible in the Bon-App funnel. Here, at the top most level, people who appreciate great meals are covered. At the second level, these people must have a need to extend their existing knowledge in the kitchen. Of these people, a need for active entertainment is necessary. The bottleneck for Bon-App is the requirement of an iPad, which in itself reduces the potential user base to the upper middle class primarily due to the high cost factor of an iPad. Finally, for Bon-App to reach the ideal users, the ones who own an iPad must be willing to take the iPad into the kitchen and cook alongside it. Finally, for a sustainable model, recipes must be purchased by the users on a regular basis.


iPads in Numbers
The iPad being such a vital part to Bon-App, makes it necessary to understand the dimensions of the iPad market. Since its release in April 2010, the iPad has seen global sales of about 15 000 000 units with about half a million of those iPads sold in Germany alone. Predictions taking market dynamics and growth in the mobile computing sector put the rise in iPad sales in 2011 to about 35 million units, with a 1.3 million share in Germany. This means that the more iPads are sold and are being used by people, the further the reach of Bon-App can be.